Lampwork Glass Bead artist, AKIKO ISONO's site.

Photo gallery of AKIKO ISONO's glass bead-work and information about her.

Challenge and variant '06

In the peas field the lizard is aiming at his prey.(2 Nov)

It is a sand-blasted FROG IS HOLDING THE SEA. It looks something relic of an Aztec age,isn't it? (24 Aug)

These beads are [Lively plants]. These plants express form of a bee and form of a bird. They do chatting lovely and noisy.(13 Aug)

I tried to make the bead [Frog is holding the Sea] as smallest as I can. A biggest one is my standard size.(7 Aug)

[Cycle of lives under the fallen leaves] The color of green one is looks like luminous mushroom growing in Wakayama.(19 June)

A theme of this bead is a journey of tiny parachute of dandelion. It is same theme of longhorn bead and snout beetle bead, but different situation. In this bead, tiny parachute landed on the soil which is held by a scarab beetle.(1 June)

The world of insect's sight. There are flying seeds of dandelion inside of bead. And outside of bead there is a longhorn or a snout beetle as our friend.(15 May)

These are a same bead of picture of May's top page. The octopus takes care her baby eggs. Inside of this bead, there are her baby eggs, jellyfish and sea anemones.(7 May)

Recently I am trying to make some kind of a beetle. For example, it is snout beetle that has an attractive figure.(1 May)

This is a same bead of picture of April's top page. She(He) bring a insect as her(his) emergency rations.(1 Apr)

We use to display flag of carps in our yard at The boys festival.The black color carp means father, the red one means mother, the blue or green one means son.These two family of carps express different types of family relations in recent years by each size. (23 Feb)

The Japanese Doll's Festival (17 Feb)

I took those beads windy outside , 'Frog with Lunch' and ' My Crocus Blooming! ' , then I looked at those beads against the sun coming out from clouds. Those beads looked different from when we look under the artificial lights. (29 Jan)

A face of Westerner. Aface of Asian.(13 Jan)