Lampwork Glass Bead artist, AKIKO ISONO's site.

Photo gallery of AKIKO ISONO's glass bead-work and information about her.

Challenge and variant 2007

The polar bear with the earth congenial to his taste. It is a glacial earth.(27 Nov)

Tiny mushroom-beads and sheep-beads (22 Nov)

These are small beads, too. The turtle and the tortoise.(12 Nov)

Tiny gold fish beads (5 Nov)

Tiny piggy beads and piggy angel beads (29 Oct)

The octopuses are coming up land to take yummy fruits.(27 Sep)

Lizard also loves yum-yum fruits.(20 Sep)

Insect loves yum-yum fruits .(14 Sep)

The spaceship which is named RABBIT has been in orbit round the earth.(8 Sep)

This bead 'Rabbit in universe' is one and the same piece which is in Top Page photo 'A pleasant time' . We can see many color inside the sand-blasted rabbit only the time against the ray .(1 Sep)

These are small toy. When you turn handle a glass bead animal is spinning. These animals are a panda, a panbit, a rabbit, a rabbitoise, a tortoise, a tortodillo, an armadillo. (17 Aug)

Sand-blasted Rabbit in universe (23 Jul)

Scarab beetle found a mysterious globe in bamboo forest. Next moment he found a Veiled Lady Mushroom. Now he know it was a egg of the Veiled Lady Mushroom! (1 Jul)

These are my new challenge. Rabbit and Panda in universe. (20 Jun)

These beads represent the nuts or fruits of strange tree. These nuts or fruits have something magic power, but that is secret. The insect loves it, and the slug loves it too. (5 Feb)