Lampwork Glass Bead artist, AKIKO ISONO's site.

Photo gallery of AKIKO ISONO's glass bead-work and information about her.

Challenge and variant 2008

A sea slug (Dec 20)

Class: Trilobita. Genus: Isotelus ??? (Nov 28)

Frog on the guitar (Nov 1)

Where does the evolution go to? To the sky? Now they have tiny white wings. (Aug 10)

These are named the lizard, but it's shapes are reptile, but also amphibian or mammalian. It is same about Ichthyostega, creature of the middle of the evolution. (23 July)

This is a planet covered by a flower's roots. (28 May)

The space-rabbit visits many kind of planet. This planet has a flower. (23 May)

The many kind of Trilobite. (4 May)

This trilobite is a thing same as the photograph of the top page of May. (1 May)

A fish and cherry blossom tree. It is my old design. (7 Apr)

This is a piece named OCTOPUS IN AUGUST. There are some sea anemones, spiral shell and jellyfish. It is like a tide pool. And a mother octopus and her eggs are around it. When you illuminate with a small light from front of this bead, you will see the jellyfish in colorless transparent water, but if you illuminate from side of this bead, you will see the jellyfish in blue water looks like deep sea. It is because, I put blue transparent glass on side of this bead.(1 Apr)

This is space rabbit making a journey among planets.(29 Jan)

This is a trial product, the trilobite. (7 Jan)

The mouse is this year's symbol of the Japanese zodiac. Together with winter flower narcissus.(1 Jan)