Lampwork Glass Bead artist, AKIKO ISONO's site.

Photo gallery of AKIKO ISONO's glass bead-work and information about her.

Challenge and variant 2009

I am making butter from tigers for pancake. (Dec 16)

The silent mountains (Nov 16)

Mr. Moon explores the moon. (Oct 15)

Flower balls(Oct 9)

Cradles of bee and bug on greens(Sep 17)

Flowery frogs (Sep 5)

The sound of water.(Aug 17)

Three toads(Jul 27)

This is the Toad version of the -Frog is holding the sea- (Jul 19)

-Human being-
The knowledge of good and evil might belong to only human being. (Jul 18)

The North Wind and the Sun (Jun 23)

The false strawberry are growing vigorous.
-Amphibian out of water (The stories of evolution)- (Jun 15)

I am trying to make false strawberry which is a kind of Rosaceae.
-Amphibian out of water (The stories of evolution)- (May 17)

Fishing (May 12)

The hare is counting sharks

Larvae of dragon (Mar 16)

The snowflake maker (Feb 20)

La dolce vita (Feb 14)

(Feb 4)

etc.(Jan 29)

Opisthobranch Aeolidina (Jan 25)

Opisthobranch Eudoridoidea Chromodorididae (Jan 24)

Opisthobranch Eudoridoidea Chromodorididae (Jan 23)

Opisthobranch Anaspidea (Jan 22)

Icebreaker (Jan 17)

15 kind of sea slug. These are the pieces of solitaire.(Jan 1)