Lampwork Glass Bead artist, AKIKO ISONO's site.

Photo gallery of AKIKO ISONO's glass bead-work and information about her.

Challenge and variant 2013

(Oct 16)

The magic orb which understand language. (Sep 16)

He has eyespot (mimicry) aside from real eye. (Aug 5)

The Whale and SAKURA (July 24)

Ghosts have taken form of a bottle and a mug. (July 16)

Rain, clouds, and an rainbow (June 16)

I want to know what is in the other side of the door? (June 11)

He wears broken pieces of his own eggshell. (May 28)

Intimidation of a crab (May 16)

Sheep and clover (May 7)

Good morning - The stories of evolution (Apr 23)

A pan (Apr 16)

Non-title. Weight 66g (Apr 8)

Japanese wooden sandal 'GETA' (Feb 16)

Good morning! (Jan 16)